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Hogi Yogi and Teriyaki Stix

Hogi Yogi at RiverPark

Hogi Yogi® and Terriyaki Stix® are two popular fast food restaurants that serve up a healthier cuisine than your typical fast food chain. Hogi Yogi and Terriyaki stick are two separate restaurants; however, you will often find them in the same building.

The Hogi Yogi was founded by Mike Clayton in 1989. The restaurant serve a whipped frozen yogurt and hoagie sandwiches. The cuisine is healthier than your typical fast food restaurant.

In 1995, Mike and Rick Clayton started a new restaurant called Teriyaki Stix®. This restaurant follows the current craze in Japanese fast food. The main stay of the Teriyaki Stix is a bowl of rice topped with a meat or veggie mix seasoned with a glaze of teriyaki, orange or sweet and sour sauce. The nutritional value of a meal is substantially better than your typical fast food fare.

The chain expanded to 70 Hogi Yogis and 50 Teriyaki Stix and the company launched a brand of smoothie bars called Yoasis (a Yogurt Oasis) which they tried to rebrand as Earth Fruits Yogurt.

When I looked at the site in 2017, the company listed only four locations! These locations were inside other things. There is one at Lagoon, another in a truck stop.

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