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It is ironic. Even with all of this wonderful computer technology at my finger tips, I find that I still have a hard time writing simple business letters.

The physical process of typing and printing is easy. The hard part is figuring out what to say. To create effective communications, you need a good starting point.

This is especially true when you are representing a firm and there is more at stake than individual pride.

WriteExpress is an Orem corporation that produces software for simplifying the letter writing process. The firm's portfolio includes: Easy Letters and 3001 Business Letters. These collections include over 3000 letters on 500 topics. Most were written by BYU professors.

Write Express can save your brain cells for more important work. It can save your company money by allowing you to start your business correspondences with professionally written templates.

You can download your WriteExpress online or order over the internet and receive the products on CD.

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