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Four Foods Group

Four Foods Group, of Pleasant Grove, is building a network of locally owned restaurants.

The company began in 2008 when Andrew and Shauna Smith opened a Kneaders Bakery and Café. The company branched into Little Caesar franchises.

In 2016 FFG raised a boat load of cash from OpusBank and Red Bridge Capital and began to acquire additional restaurants and chains. Acquisitions include R&R BBQ of Salt Lake which serves award winning barbeque: Mo' Bettahs of Bountiful which serves Hawaiian inspired cuisine; Swig out of Saint George which serves soda based drinks; and The Soda Shop of Phoenix which is likely to be merged into Swig.

In October 2019, the web site listed these restaurant totals:

Corporate History

The company is growing by acquisition. This section lists corporate transactions that I encounter.

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