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Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Here is a site that everyone can dig. By digging, I really mean digging. Digging as in "Here is a shovel. Start working over there..."

The Bonneville Shoreline Trail is a trail underconstruction that will leads from Utah County through Salt Lake to Ogden. The trail will allow cyclists and hikers to enjoy the front range of the Wasatch. The trail has some really nice views of the Salt Lake basin.

One of the most notable sections of the trail is Parley's Crossing which includes overpass and eventually a tunnel to works its way around the freeways at the Mouth of Parley's Canyon in Salt Lake.

As with most trails, this project needs continued support. The Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee holds regular fundraisers and trail build events.

If you wish to help in the project, you wish to undergo an isostatic crustal rebound* from your chair and volunteer.

isostatic crustal rebound: When lake Bonneville receded, the reduced weight in the valled caused a lifting of the surrounding land. So the benches are a bit higher than historic lake levels.

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