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🠈  About Provo Utah dot US  🠊

Provo Utah dot US is part of the Community Color project. The goal of this project is simply to promote local web development and community awareness by developing geodomains for interesting communities in the Mountain West.

This is an individual (sole proprietorship) that I started back in 2000. I started the project by buying domains for select towns like Provo.

The sites do not have a strong income stream and buying a domain for each town has prove too expensive; So, I bought the domain UtahColor.com and decided to change the focus from towns to counties.

Provo is the county seat of Utah County and there is enough inbound traffic to renew the domain name each year; So I will use this domain for Utah County.


The goal of this project is to promote local web development. My original idea was to fund the site with affiliate ads. My affiliate income has dropped to 30¢ per 1000 page views (CPM).

With my recent upgrade I decided to sell ads direct. The price will be $25.00 for 100,000 page views (that's a huge number of page views). The catch is that I will collect the money upfront.

The advertising works as follows: Users can design an ad. The ad is a 728x90 placement that goes in the upper fold of the apge. There is at most one per page. The ad can be two lines of text which I render with SVG (see above) or a 728x90 banner.

If I approve the ad, I will place it on the site and send a bill via paypal. If you like the placement; pay the bill. If not; don't pay the bill and I will remove the ad.

Open Source

I intend to open source the code for the site on the domain prog.communitycolor.com.

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