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Bajio Mexican Grill

Bajio Mexican Grill is a chain of new style fast economy restaurants. Diners order a healthy combination of freshly cooked foods at a walk up station, then dine in a clean, ambient dining area. The proximity of the kitchen to the dining area fills the room with the fresh aromas from the cooking.

The new style of ordering fresh food from the counter allows diners the opportunity to get the best value for their dining dollars. Best of, we get to see the fresh ingredients and the food being cooked.

The Bajio Grill web site includes a gallery with images of the food and of the various restaurants in the chain. I enjoyed The Bajio page with pictures of the Bajio region of Mexico. The Franchise Information page gives entrepreneurs information on the cost of starting their own grill. Diners will want to spend their browsing time on the menu which describes the various burritos, salsas, salads, quesadillas and other delights offered by the restaurant.

At the time of this review, I could not find a history page nor company information sheet on the web site. I believe that the first Bajio was opened in Utah Valley, and that the headquarters are in American Fork. The locations page lists 34 restaurants in 6 states. The majority of restaurants are in the great state of Utah.

Bajio Grill in Cedar City

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