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Provo is the third largest city in Utah and county seat of Utah County in Central Utah. The city sites between Mount Timpanogos, a primary peak on the Wasatch Front, and Utah Lake.

The city was originally name Timpanogots, after the Native Americans who original lived in the area. It was renamed after French Explorer √Čtienne Provost who established a trading post on the Jordan River (then called the Proveau River) in 1824.

The modern settlement of Utah County occurred after the Mormon Emigration in 1847 with Salt Lake County and Utah County being chose areas for settlement.

In the first year the Mormon Settlers are reported to have had good relations with the natives; However, a dispute broke out between a Ute who people called Old Bishop over a shirt. Settlers killed Old Bishop and hid the body. The indians began to behave belligerently.

By 1850, the settlers were forced to hold up in a settlement called Fort Provo. After hearing about the deprivations of the Indians, President Brigham Young sent orders to kill the men and take the women. This led to the confrontation at Big Elk. After two days of fighting. The Utes surrendered. The settlers then killed the men and sent the women to Salt Lake for imprisonment.

On a positive note, Brigham Young established the eponymous "Brigham Young Academy" which was redubbed "Brigham Young University" in 1896 when it was acquired by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The school has since grown to be the largest Mormon owned institution of higher learning.


the 2010 census counted a population of 112,488. 98% of the people reporting religious affiliation were members of the LDS Church. 88.52% of the respondents reported their race as white, 10.47% Hispanic, 5.10% from other races, 2.44% from multiple races. Native Americans and blacks were under 1%.


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