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Employer Solutions Group is a Provo based human resource firm. If i read the press releases correctly, ESG went through a wild merger spree and is now part of a huge human resource firm called Paychex.

The merger spree appears to be as follows. A company called Fortune Industries bought the firm in 2007. The CEO and CFO led a management funded buyout of Fortune Industries for $13 million to create a new company called CEP Inc..

In 2016, a huge firm called Oasis Outsourcing acquired CEP. Before the ink on this deal dried, a huger firm called Paychex acquired Oasis (and yes I just used the term "huger" as is more huge). Paychex has more than 650,000 payroll clients.

ESG is still using its DBA and web site. Perhaps they are waiting for the merger-frenzy to settle before declaring a new identity.

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  2. IBJ - Fortune Industries Set to Accept Buyout Offer (Drawn 11/15/2019)
  3. Staffing Industry - Oasis Industries to Acquire Fortune Industries (Drawn 11/15/2019)

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