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The Book of Mormon recounts the adventures of the Lost Tribes of Israel (the Nephites) which are said to have crossed the oceans and traveled to the Americas in the ancient days. The Book of Mormon claims that this culture was lost after a great war.

Adherents to Mormonism are eager to find traces of the great war and this lost culture.

In the days of Joseph Smith, it was assumed that the adventures of the Nephites took place in North America. In recent decades, a group called FARMS pushed the "Mesoamerican" theory that the adventures took place in Central America. The theory points to various Olmec and Mayan sites as possible evidence of the Book of Mormon.

The FIRM Foundation (The Foundation for Indigenous Research and Mormonism) is more inclined to the theory that the Book of Mormon took place in the heartland of America and that the Book of Mormon History took place on the same grounds as LDS Church History.

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