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Little Adventure

Little Adventures

Built on the realization that childhood is an adventure, Little Adventures is a store from Pleasant Grove offering a fun selection of princess costumes and adventure toys.

The store has a huge selection of dresses, cloaks, tutus, halos, wands and tiaras along with backpacks and toys. Some costumes come with matching dolls to make playtime even more fantastic.

Realizing that boys like to play along, the site includes a fun selection of super hero costumes, play swords, dragon costumes and more.

For adults, the site includes full length cloaks, princess dresses, party capes and masks.

Browsing the site you will find a blog with posts on living an adventure filled life along with twitter feeds and an Instagram account with images of kids engaged in fantasy play.

The company was founded by Jenny and Heather who loved playing dress up as kids. As they began raising their own princes and princesses they discovered a lack of quality adventure gear on the market; so their created their own ideal adventure store.

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