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The goal of ProvoUtah.US is to promote local web development. The site lists all web pages, big and small, from Utah Valley.

To help make the site more compelling. I added a Site of the Day program. The program would highlight a different site every day. The reviews are pretty much at random. Unfortunately, trying to review a site per day is way too much work.

In November 2008, I decided to scale back and change the Site of the Day to a Site of the Week. The site of the week will update each Sunday. On occasion, I will have more than one review for the week.

You can access the program through this page (kewl.html), the Site of the Day History or through this sites RSS Feed Subscribe to RSS Feed. The reviews show up alongside each link.

There really is not a lot of rhyme, reason or political intrique behind the selection of sites for review. If I am in a good mood when I add the site, I will make it a Site of the Week. I give preference to art groups and community organizations.

The goal of this project is to promote web development. I rarely give the Site of the Week mention to blogs because most blogs use a blogging tool for the design.

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DISCLAIMER: This review is about the web site. It is not a recommendation for a company or product. The goal of the Site of the Day review is simply to point out an interesting local web sites. View Site of the Day History. RSS Feed

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