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The world needs more businesses like Utah Valley's Trestlewood. Trestlewood reclaims old timbers from railroads, buildings, etc.., then reuses the timbers in modern constructions. It is a bit labor intensive. However, people have found that by starting with wood with character, they can create new contemporary buildings with character.

The company's one liner is "Because they don't make wood like they used to."

Unfortunately, this is true. Much of the original construction in the U.S. was made with virgin timber cut from old growth forest. Althought it is fun to hold that a tree is a tree is a tree, there are substantial difference in the character and grains of 300 year old trees v. 25 year trees.

The web site has information on the timber being reclaimed by Trestlewood and has several pictures of projects that the Trestle Wood the The Rivers restaurant in Salt Lake City.

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