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C.R. Bronze Work

C.R. Bronze Works casts memorial bronze plaques. You will often see their work adorning memorials in parks. Many people remember their loved ones by placing a bronze plaque on their loved one's grave marker. Bronze plaques can be used to comemorate the completion of a construction or other important events. (See the Missouri Press page for a sample business installation.)

C.R. Bronzework has made memorial plaques for some important works such as the Scarsdale American Legion Memorial Garden, West Point Military Academy, and a plaque to commemorate Operation Enduring Freedom at the Kandahar International Airport in Afghanistan.

The U.S.S. Spiegel Grove is an underwater installation near the Spiegel Grove that was sunk off the cost of Key Largo to serve as the foundation for a new coral reef.

There is a natural affinity between the web and the creation of memorial plaques. We install plaques to mark those things which we think are worth remembrance. I hope CR Bronze Work continues to include pages on its important installations since reflects in cyber space those things that we value in the real world.

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