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Brandie Frampton Band

Brandie Frampton is a teenage pop vocalist from Provo. The website includes introductory information on the band and includes a downloadable video of Brandie in action. The list of musicians backing Miss Frampton includes Nyk Fry, Talia Wilson, Andrew Hopkins, Court Shepherd and Trevor Young. The band features an interesting mix of electronic guitars, fiddles, mandolins and drums.

The band is using the service Access It Music to deliver MP3 copies of the song. Like iTunes, you can listen to a snippet for free or buy the tune for $.99. The site lists two projects: "Everything is Fine" recorded 2004 and "What You See" recorded 2005.

Not having the dollar to spare, I listened to the snippets and downloaded the video. Both albums were recorded in Nashville and feature a country-rock fusion with hints of a variety of influences from pop to celtic. I have to admit, I was much more taken with the band than the vocalist. They were laying down some rather interesting accoustics. It is not what you would expect in teen star pop band. There is a high probability that this upcoming generation will have a substantially more sophisticated appreciation of music than the pop-fed culture-starved generation of mine.

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