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Save Our Canyons

The Wasatch Mountains are more than just a big pile of rocks. They provide our drinking water, recreation opportunities and happen to be home to a diversity of wildlife.

If you have ever ventured into the mountains, you may have noticed that Wasatch Canyons tend to be steep. Although the towering cliffs of the Wasatch appear steadfast and impressive. The ecosytems within canyons tend to be extremely fragile.

The steep walls of the canyons concentrates usage on a narrow band. The area alongside streams is called the riparian zone. The riparian zone is both fragile and is critical for the wildlife. It is also where we build our roads, lodges, campsites and other structures.

Steep canyon walls also means that activity in the mountains has a more immediate impact on surrounding lands than you would see in a large flat valley. For example, the tailings pile from a mine on a steep slope will get washed into the stream affecting the drinking water of the town below. Clearing the timber from a steep canyon wall will result in unstable slopes resulting in increased impact on the riparian zone.

Get the point? Activities that would have a minimal impact in a valley have a pronounced impact in our canyons.

Save Our Canyons is an organization working to preserve the canyons along the Wasatch Front. This includes Provo and American Fork Canyons. In a state that is less than ecology friendly, it is difficult but needed effort and deserving of support.

The site itself is one of the most informative along the Wasatch Front. It gives profiles of the canyons and businesses along the Wasatch Front that impact the canyons. The site contains a large archive of interesting articles...some good...some bad.

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