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Jonathan Driggs Attorney at Law

Jonathan Driggs concentrates on employment law and training.

I like this firm's emphasis on training. While confrontations between employers and employees make headlines, professionalism is what actually produces wealth.

Common sense alone is not a good enough guide for handling employees. People need to train their common sense. Simple things like the procedure for handling time clocks can have important implications. Hourly employees are selling you a fixed length of time. Exactly how that time get measured is extremely important. Most executives would be irate if they found that the local gas station was shaving a few pints off of each tank of gas. Yet, I am surprised at the number of employers who try to coerce workers into unpaid overtime.

Likewise there's a number of pitfalls involved in hiring and terminating employees. Simple faux pas like asking job candidates if they served on a mission is both extremely unprofessional, it could also open a company to discrimination suits.

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