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Site Highlights:

  • Directory: Hierarchical directory of web sites in Provo. It has several hundred free listings, and a few affiliate links.
  • Site of the Day: I review one local web site per day.
  • Recent Comments: You can read the comments people make about different sites
  • Alpha Listings: Lists the sites alphabetically.?
  • Calendar: An index to events in Utah Valley.
  • Sponsor Detail: Listing on this site is free. A few sites pay commissions on sales. I mark these as sponsors, and create a page with detailed info on the sponsor. My hope is that this will pay for the site.

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It came from the North...

ProvoUtah.US is an unprofitable disorganization by Community Color. It's the type of thing that spontaneously generates when you have a bunch of unemployed computer dinks running around the state looking for stuff to do.

The site started with SLSites.com--in that traffic jammed, wall-to-wall-suburb to the north. SLSites.com is an open directory for the capitol city of Utah. Well, SLSites.com is a really lousy name, and it gets very few visitors. In the search for a better name, we (as in me) discovered that ProvoUtah.US was still available, and a new open directory was born.

The mission of ProvoUtah.US is to promote local web site development. Please, browse through the directory. It's a great way to find out what is going on in town. I don't charge for local listings. I simply see this as a service to help promote community.

Many people see the web as a device for pulling down the local community. I see the web as a tool for building up the local community. There are thousands of web sites made in this valley, but it is extremely difficult to find them. By creating a local web directory, ProvoUtah.US contributes to the community.

Of course, the directory is a bit odd. The goal of this site isn't to promote local business. The goal is to promote local web site development. It encourages people to create sites and use the web to communicate their ideas. For example, in the elections directory, I don't list all candidates, only those that bothered to build a web site.?

Since a lot of businesses have web sites, ProvoUtah.US serves as a business directory. However, it only lists those sites that built a web site. I intentionally skip they myriads of chain stores, and companies that make no effort to establish a web presence. Conversely, I might have links to businesses outside Utah Valley because the web site was developed in Provo.

The hidden agenda of this whole operation is that, if people see traffic start coming through their web sites, they will get irrationally exuberant again and start rehiring the legions of programmers they tossed out the door in the dot com bust.

The site contains an open directory and calendar. The directory contains links to local web sites. The calendar is really just an index for events appearing on other local web sites. It is quite interesting, and will bring traffic to your site and events. Feel free to add local links and local events to site. It's free advertisement.

The editorial guidelines are pretty loose. Basically, a site has to have something to do with Utah Valley. So the site should either be locally developed, or have some sort of physical presence in the valley. A short list of sites that I will pull from the directory are:

I am constantly rearranging the directories, and reserve the right to edit, move or delete any sites or events added to the directory.

The forum has pretty much the same guidelines. No foul language, or abuse. This site promotes community. There is enough hate in the old Zion, why do we want it in the new Zion :). The forum tracks IP addresses. If people get abusive in the forum, I will probably delete it. It's not like I am making money by hosting a forum.

I have to pay for web hosting and bandwidth. So, the site includes a small number of affiliates. I've put a great deal of effort into selecting stores that have good deals, good character and are somehow related with the valley. The ads are clearly marked as sponsors. Click here to see the sponsors.

ProvoUtah.US respects your privacy. The site does not have a newsletter. You can register without leaving an email address. The site tracks site usage, and has counters all over the place. The main goal of the counters is so I can see what parts of the directory get used and which do not. People who register links can see how much traffic ProvoUtah.US drives to their site.

I developed this site using PHP and MySQL. I've written some articles on programming which I've posted in the hobby site Descriptive Mathematics.

Have fun browsing.