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FTC v Thrive Learning

I was researching FTC complaints and stumbled on a 2016 injunction against Thrive Learning. Judging from the post and forum dates, it appears that Thrive was selling Coaching businesses. Their primary domain ( points to a login page.

Apparently this company was extremely good at marketing itself and there were a few people who made good money selling the program. My guess is that most people lost money.

There are many web sites like Thrive Learning Institute Fraud, Thrive Learning Institute Scam, Thrive Scammed Me. They might all be from the same source.

One of the sites said: "Thrive Learning was started in April 2006 and were mostly out of the business by Fall of 2009, and gone by 2014."

If this is the case, then the FTC issued an injunction against a company that had already failed. I've encountered hundreds of "get rich quick" schemes. I fear that one of the reasons they succeed is because people fail to keep a history of the one's that failed.

PS: I know nothing of this company beyond the FTC complaint.

FTC v. Apply Knowledge

In 2014 the FTC filed a suit against Apply Knowledge and associated companies. The FTC appointed a California company called Robb Evans as the receiver. There was a counter-suit claiming that Robb Evans shuttered companies that weren't in the FTC complaint.

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